The EA went bust after few days and my account went empty. I managed to find forex scalping hedging strategy out he they have more than 1 telegram channel, who knows how many he they have created to people.

mejoinchatAAAAAEieGlwTUW4k_nnkYg with 10k subscribes. Hope this helps to prevent people from falling into the trap, the EA software he they selling is actually an outdated version of TSR EA. INSTRUCTIONS FOR SETTING EXPERTS "PARADISE EA" AND "PARADISE EA LITE" To optimize and configure the Paradise EA or Paradise EA automated trading system design lite adviser, you first need to check the availability history of your broker’s currency pair quotes (they often do not post trades history to facilitate terminal loading, and without a history advisor cannot start testing). Go to the tab Service - Settings , then select the tab "Charts" and in the columns "Max.

bars in the window "choose a value of 250000 as shown in the figure (by default it costs 65000 bars).

Automated trading system design Carry currency futures.

Now we proceed to the optimization of the adviser for the selection of input parameters. Open the strategy tester, choose the adviser Paradise EA or Paradise EA lite as shown in the figure, then automated trading system design we set the symbol (currency pair), the testing model and the testing period (usually automated trading system design at least two to three months). In order for quotes for the desired pair to be available in the terminal, to conduct a test on them, open the Service - Quotes Archive tab or press F2. Next, select the pair and period M1 we need and press the “load” button. Repeat this procedure several times until the gray battery pictured before the period turns automated trading system design yellow-green. To reduce the time for optimization, automated trading system design to select approximate input parameters (especially effective for selecting indicator timeframes), select a testing automated trading system design model based on opening prices (a quick method on established bars, only for advisors with explicit control of opening bars). After a quick optimization and finding the input parameters we need (selected at a low drawdown), be sure to optimize the advisor on prince fx ea myfxbook automated trading the system design model for all ticks (the most accurate method based on all the available smaller timeframes).

Exactly why and more than you you know the rules so why not go back to the past, pull up your design system trading automated charts and do some quick.

Automated trading system design Not to enter into.
When optimizing for all ticks, the volume of generated ticks can be automated trading system design quite large, so the terminal can consume quite a lot of resources and a lot of time, which is why you first need to find the most profitable automated trading system timeframes design of indicators, at opening prices. In order for more accurate testing they do not automated trading system design include the work of the optimizer.

For automated trading system design the final optimization of the adviser, always choose the method of all ticks. This automated trading system design is the slowest, but also the most reliable method.

To speed up testing in the “Input Parameters” tabs, select the most automated trading system design relevant parameter, for example, the parameters of the indicators for fixed robot forex buy sell PercentLossOrder and PercentMaximumRiskLots (tick as shown in fig. ) and do not forget to set the starting parameters, step and stop (the larger the step, the faster the tests will be, but the accuracy of the parameters will be rougher). In the “Testing” tabs you can enter the forexrobottrader review deposit used for the test and the deposit currency, as well as the parameter to be optimized.

Spread - you can set any value or use the current spread for the pair. Put a automated trading system design tick in the window "Optimization" and click "Start".

Automated trading system design Well as a company data.

After some time, after testing the advisor, the tester will display options for the input parameters that you can select in the "Optimization Results" window at your discretion. Always choose parameters with a low drawdown and a reasonable profit, to do this, automated trading system design left-click twice in the column "Drawdown" in automated trading system the design "Optimization Results" window. We go to the terminal service and select Settings , the design system automated trading result is a window like this, in the section “advisors” we tick off the inscription “Allow advisor to trade” and agree with the selected actions by clicking on the “OK” button. Now, attach the expert to the chart (currency pair window) by dragging it, while holding the right mouse button down, from the navigator window to the currency pair window. Set the number of your account in the column "Input parameters" NumberAccount , pressing a key (F7), Do not forget to also set a tick against against "allow advisor to trade" in the general section by pressing the key (F7) beforehand.

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