Backtesting Forex trading strategies – EA Studio software. Backtesting Forex trading strategies – the method to test an Expert Advisor in MetaTrader. Backtesting trading Forex strategies is what we will cover in this free lecture from Petko Aleksandrov, the Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy.

In this forex fury test article, we will talk about the update that we have in the report and forex fury test how to backtest Forex trading strategies with EA Studio, or when we are generating strategies. For those of you who already know EA Studio and have tested the forex fury test 15-days free trial, we will update you with great tools that are available in the Report. If you have not tested the two weeks period, why is forex so easy give it a try because you will learn heiken ashi smoothed expert advisor how to do backtesting Forex trading strategies even you do not have programming skills.

Forex fury test The probability is 50.

Also, to use the EA Studio strategy builder you do not need to have any trading background. The program is easy to be used and there is a free course attached that will help you get started faster. In the beginning, it forex tutorials forex trading simulator might look difficult but when you do it one time, you will see that it is easy. Backtesting Forex trading strategies with Petko Aleksandrov, our Head Mentor, and trader. But now, if I go to tools and below, you will see backtest output metrics. Here you can select which metrics you want to see in your strategy. So you can change metatrader 4 at forex it to any other metrics that you want to have forex fury test while backtesting trading strategies. For example, the first one I will leave it to forex fury net test profit, but then instead of profit per day, I can select maximum drawdown in percentage, then instead of maximum drawdown, I can have the R-squared.

This is forex fury test a new feature in EA Studio, which I will explain in some of the next videos about the EA Studio updates.

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Forex fury test Quoted.
It is very nice, and by using it, we can have a very lovely equity line with the strategies. I can forex change fury test it with maximum stagnation in percentage. And instead of the count of trades, even I like to see the count of trades. This is a critical criteria when we are backtesting Forex trading strategies. And we can say it is one of the most important criteria. Alright, and if I go now to the strategy, forex fury test you will see that I have the net profit, the maximum drawdown, R-squared, maximum stagnation, and winloss ratio. So depending on which ones you want to see while you are backtesting trading strategies, you can change them from here from the backtest forex fury test output metrics. Now, if I go to forex the fury test strategy one more time and I forex fury test go to report you will see very very interesting charts here. What can we forex fury test do with the EA Studio backtesting trading tool?

backtesting Forex trading strategies generating forex fury strategies test over Historical data optimizing strategies for better results. So here, we have more information and a more visual outlook of the strategy, and I will explain each one along with the video. ” The ambiguous bars or the backtest quality is when we are backtesting trading strategy that uses stop loss and take profit, and the stop loss and the Take Profit is within the range of one bar.

Forex fury test Most.

So let’s say in the backtesting trading strategy we have the trade open somewhere here, and then we have the stop loss and take profit within the range of forex test fury this bar. And it’s normal because what forex fury test we have from the historical data is the open, the high, the low and the close. This is all the information we receive when we export historical data from MetaTrader.

And here, the MetaTrader backtesting trading gives you a result that is better for you. So it will show you that the take profit was hit, but this is not the reality.

We don’t know if first was the Stop Loss or first was Take Profit. While EA Studio uses an account protective algorithm. Meaning that when there are such bars, it will take it as a negative. If there are such situations or such bars, while backtesting the trading strategy, it will show you a more negative result.

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